Configure RAID in Windows Server 2012

Configure RAID in Windows Server 2012

In this article we will discussed about RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). How we can configure RAID in windows server 2012 in just few steps. In the modernized world it is very much painful for any organization to lose its crucial data, as their data contain many sensitive information of the company if it is lost then it might not be possible to recover all 100% data.

That sensitive data is stored in digital form so only authorized personal can see it for this that data is stored hard disks and those hard disks are made redundant so in case of anyone hard disk failure the data may be made available for the user by using the redundancy technique and data technique is called RAID.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. The main purpose of configuring RAID is to make redundancy between the disks to recover data in case of disaster.  RAID is of two types one is called Hardware RAID and other one is Software RAID.

As from the Name Hardware RAID consist of multiple Physical hard disks that are being made redundant so in case of failure of hardware disk you have to replace that disk with healthy one. Hardware RAID is below the Operating System Level so in case of OS failure no impact on RAID.

Now comes to Software RAID, it is made on Operating System level which means it consists of only one hard disk on which multiple partitions are made. It is totally depend on OS level as it is made on OS. So in case of OS failure the RAID will be failed.

There are multiple types of RAID but we will discuss only four which are commonly used.


It is stripped disk array means all the disks are arranged in linear manner with each other. This RAID advantage is that data can be retrieved and stored quickly. But the biggest disadvantage of this type of RAID is that when anyone of the disk is failed in array the RAID is failed. Because data stored in chunks here. 50% of the data saves in one disk and rest of the data saves in another disk.

We have also attached our YouTube channel link in which we have shown the configuration. Click here


This type of RAID uses the concept of mirroring(copying) of data, because of its usage it is called mirrored RAID.  This RAID is widely use for critical OS. The biggest advantage is that if one hard disk is failed the data start fetching and storing in the mirror one. Means data will be still available for the user.

RAID 0+1:

This type is the combo of RAID 0 and RAID 1. Means it gives you stripped array of disks as well mirrored concept which means you can have speed and data redundancy both in one type.


This type is widely used in organization as this type of RAID provide data redundancy and speed. As it uses parity concept so all the disks data stores in another one in the form of calculated bits. So in case of any failure of disk the data will be retrieved from other one in which that disk data is store in calculated but form.

So, in this article we discussed about what is RAID an how does it used for? How we can configure RAID in windows server 2012? We have also attached our YouTube channel link in which we have shown the configuration. Click here

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