Everything is fine but not able to ping!!

Everything is fine but not able to ping!!

If you are an IT Engineer then you must be familiar with the functionality of ping if not then please read our detailed article on ping. If your physical connectivity is fine and still you are not able to ping?? Do you work in any ISP and you are troubleshooting your customer LAN bypassing his LAN and you have also given him static IP but still you can not perform p2p testing because you cannot ping him right?? So, in this article we will discuss when everything is fine but not able to ping.

If you Google this, then you will find many ways to resolve this issue but here we will discuss in easiest way so that every person do this easily but before beginning we assume your physical connectivity is fine and everything working okay in your network.


Go to control panel and select windows firewall


Now Select “Turn windows firewall on or off”


Now last step is to just turn off windows firewall private and public both.

Now if you ping your Laptop which was earlier not ping-able is ready to receive ping requests.

So in short, in this article we discussed how to disable windows firewall and how to enable ping. We hope you found this useful. Please comment below and share with your friends.

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