Five basic commands for Huawei network engineers

Five basic commands for Huawei network engineers

In this article we will discuss about huawei networks. We will see Five basic commands for huawei network engineers.

1)‘? and undo’

This ‘?’ is most basic and the most important way to get help and suggestions if you don’t remember any specific command. When you type ‘?’ you will get result given below

The ‘undo’ works like ‘no’ in cisco switches. When you want to delete any specific like from the configurations.

configure huawei router; Five basic commands for Huawei network engineers;


This command acts like ‘enable’ in cisco. For any configuration you need to come into the system-view mode of the switch. After hitting the enter button you will get the result like this

3)‘quit and save’

This ‘quit’ command works like ‘Exit/Ctrl+Z’ in cisco devices. This will get you back to the previous mode.


“Save” works like ‘wr’ in cisco. It will save your config. from RAM to NVRAM.

Five basic commands for network engineer!!

Configure telnet Huawei switch!!

4)‘display IP interface brief’

This command works like “show ip interface” in cisco devices. This will let you know about the interface status. Due to some privacy concern we have hidden ip.

show ip interface

One more way to see your ethernet interfaces mentioned below

5)‘display this’

Well, this is something different and interesting as compared to other networking vendors. Here if want to see any specific interface config. Then by going to that interface you need to enter this command to see running config. in that interface.

display this

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So, in this article we discussed Five basic commands for Huawei network engineers. I hope you found this useful. Please share this with your tech community.

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