This page can’t be displayed! How to fix this?

This page can't be displayed! How to fix this?

This page can’t be displayed! How to fix this issue? In this article we see how to troubleshoot this problem by following just few steps!

Mostly when we browse over internet and we open any website link and it shows THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED error, so what we need to do?

Follow these steps and resolve that problem:

If you are using a wired connection or wireless connection then please check your internet connectivity.

  1. For that press WIN + R. run command will be prompt. To know more run instructions please click here
  2. Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and hit enter
  3. Dialog box opens where you can see your network connections
  4. Please check that your LAN connection is not showing a red cross if not showing then it is fine and working. If yes then troubleshoot it by plugging-in again Ethernet cable in pc and router or you can also try to enable and disable that connection.
  5. Check if it is connected then delete the history of browser or try another browser. If still not works then try to ping To know more about ping command please click here.
  6. If it shows fine response then it means that website you are trying to reach has some kind of problem.

So, in this article we discussed this page can’t be displayed! How to fix this and how to troubleshoot this issue.

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